Do you love Cleveland?

The Brain Gain Cleveland Project is a movement to grow Cleveland, fueled by people who love the CLE and want to see it grow.  Anyone can join, and membership is FREE.  We call our members SCOUTS, because a "scout" is someone who grows something special with energy, enthusiasm and vision.  Join the movement today.

GORDON SQUARE SCOUTING - FANTASTIC!: Thank you to everyone who came down to Gordon Square to celebrate one of Cleveland's hottest neighborhoods (literally and figuratively); to all the merchants who participated and helped make it such a success; and to the Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation for helping us pull the whole thing off!  We had an absolute blast - read Joe Cleveland's blog entry about the night.

The Brain Gain Cleveland Project is a movement.

We are creating a community of people who love Cleveland and care about Cleveland's future. It doesn't matter where you live, as long as you love Cleveland and want Cleveland to grow.

Our members are called SCOUTS and every member can participate in the movement in any way that he or she feels comfortable.

Membership is FREE. Some scouts will simply join our e-mail list. Others will tell their "Cleveland Story" on the website, write articles, post photos, create events, and initiatives to support Brain Gain in Cleveland. The more we join together, the more we can grow Cleveland.

Welcome and please take a look around.  Read our manifesto. Set up your profile, upload pictures, videos, share links - if it's Cleveland, bring it here!

We all know people who share this love of Cleveland - or who we want to understand it. Invite them! Anyone who you think has something to add, or something to gain, from being on the site, bring them into the group. The more Scouts we are, the stronger we are, the better we can all make Cleveland.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook and @BrainGainCLE.

Quote of the Moment

"For God's sakes, Lemon, we'd all love to flee to the Cleve and club-hop down at the Flats and have lunch with Little Richard, but we fight those urges because we have responsibilities."  - Jack Donaghy, NBC Television Executive 


The Project recently received a very nice write-up in Freshwater Cleveland.

Photo of the Moment

At Least the Skyline's a Winner by: Ruth Mayers at Progressive Field

Start Telling Your Story

What Kind Of Clevelander Are You? Set Up Your Profile Upload Photos Post Videos

The Scout Manifesto

There are only a few things that all Scouts are expected to do, and they are captured in our Scout Manifesto. If every Scout follows, and regularly thinks of, the requirements in the Scout Manifesto, we will grow and support Cleveland by leaps and bounds.

1.  I love Cleveland.
2.  I have great memories of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
3.  I am amazed by Clevelanders and their passion for their home town.  It's like The Force.
4.  I love that Cleveland experiences all four seasons.
5.  I believe that Cleveland has a bright future.
6.  I believe that I have a role to play in Cleveland's future, whether I live in Cleveland or out of town.  I will find that role, and play it!
7.  I will defend Cleveland at cocktail parties.
8.  I believe Cleveland will win a world sports championship in my lifetime.
9.  I will think about Cleveland and Clevelanders once a week.
10.  I am proud that I am connected to Cleveland.
11.  I will defeat Cleveland-Haters (the opposite of Scouts) wherever I find them.
12.  If and when I criticize Cleveland, I will also offer an idea for improving it.

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